Effera AS er et selskap som spesialiserer seg på leveranse av systemløsninger innenfor krevende industri hvor fokus er effektivitet, sikkerhet og kvalitet. For at en kompleks systemløsning skal levere det som kreves i alle ledd, tar Effera det totale ansvaret fra start til slutt.
Seaber er et nytt, spennende konsept som leverer nye tjenester til forbrukermarkedet.
Mer informasjon om Seaber kommer.​
Skagerak Maturo er et tidlige fase teknologi fond. Siden slutten av 1990 tallet har teamet bygget selskap med suksess, sammen med dyktige gründere.
Industry Oriented Technology AS så det som naturlig å delta på den spennende og viktige oppgaven Skagerak Maturo legger ut på og har deltatt med sin investering i fondet.
Agdir har løsningen som legger til rette for en betydelig enklere arbeidsdag, med fokus på bondens krav til kvalitet. Digitalisering av jordbruket forenkler og effektiviserer hverdagen.​
Tunable Infrared Technologies
Tunable has developed next-generation gas sensor technology. Tunable can detect a range of gases with only one sensor element. The sensor can detect 1000x lower gas concentrations than today's solutions and has the potential to become 100x smaller in size.
Intelecy provides tools to analyze production data from the manufacturing and processing industry using machine learning to prevent breakdowns, predict failures, improve production processes and provide deep insight into your operations. The company utilized in-depth competencies  process automation, SCADA, MES and industrial IT leveraging the power of machine learning.
Funzionano is a class of highly branched nano-sized polymers which can act as an “additive” to a number of raw materials to give the final product new or enhanced properties like gas/oxygen-barrier (packaging/PET), act as a fire-inhibitor in soft PVC or wooden building materials or water-repellent in concrete and a number of other materials. The research have led to a unique (patented) process that enables production on an industrial scale that gives rise to unparalleled unit costs and open new industrial markets/applications. 
Vibbio has developed an automated video production platform for businesses, which at the same time
ensures that quality and branding policy are maintained. At a time when businesses are using more
video for marketing and communication (both internally and externally) Vibbio has an innovative
solution that streamlines, professionalises and structures this work in a good way.
Sharebox provides seamless access management for a variety of applications from sharing economy services such as short-term rentals of housing, cars etc., to enterprise level solutions for car rental, car workshops, property management, small hotels, facilities and logistics companies. The solution automates customer self service functions. Sharebox develops, manufactures and markets fully automated cabinets with electronic lockers, controlled by mobile devices with app, sms or pin-code. Available for B2B integration with mobile payment, API software and SDK.
Hy5 develops the world’s first hydraulic prosthesis. Through highly innovative technology and an effective manufacturing process the production is made light and cost effective, the functionality is optimized, and the lifecycle longevity is increased. The goal of Hy5 is to give all people, across all geographic, demographic and socioeconomic areas the right to the highest possible quality of life, including full mobility
Decisions offers software for leaders on the Microsoft Office 365 platform and help them achieve their goals through better meetings, decisions and business execution. Last year the company received the 2nd price in the prestigious Microsoft Office App Awards for best Microsoft Office integration globally. Now the growing company's goal is to become a global vendor of software for meetings worth your time. Leading companies have already signed up and are using the solution on a daily basis to improve its own performance
Fonn Construction is an app based field management tool for construction projects, with inclusive usability for all tech skill levels. Fonn enable all users in a construction project with up-to-date information and all communication in one place. Fonn enable all participants to address issues before they become problems. Fonn is project collaboration made easy.
Digital collaboration tool specialist, with a focus on automation and data structuring for VR and MR
InLine-Test is intelligent testing for industrial pressure safety valves providing significant cost and time savings.
VesselMan provides cloud based software solutions to the maritime industry that offers a fast, easy-to-implement and cost-efficient option for complex and costly maintenance projects such as drydocking’s, turnkey projects, ship repairs and refits. VesselMan enables effective collaboration between management, customers, yards, suppliers and the site-team in an digital value chain that demonstrates huge potential for cost savings, improved transparency and more robust operations.
Kairos Technology contributes to better and faster decision making for control room operators in the process industry and enables performance optimization and hazard prevention. The solution helps customers to save cost by increasing production efficiency, improving safety, and reducing emissions.